MANY ways and places to use your PIN CODE

The NoDiscount P-R-O-C-E-S-S ( pin code ) is protected by four registered copyright processes at the U.S Library of Congress.  TXu001187679-TX0006121353-TX0006546631-TXu001593595.

While the process was originally engineered to sell real estate, it has become a trademark for selling any product, service, real estate, business, or idea.


Internet Business

Most internet websites don’t make a profit, it’s a fact! They lose money not due to products, but from poor selling. 


Roofers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, painters, and decorators are not created equal. So, why do buyers think the cheaper the price the better?


Marketing is reaching out to potential buyers. Selling is having buyers come to you. The best marketers understand how to attract a lot of potential buyers. The problem is they often attract the wrong buyers.


Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Real estate professionals today are so busy, they don’t have time to answer phones. When they do answer, most will say the wrong things at the wrong time. The adverse impact is selling the right home to the wrong buyers.



Are you selling airline tickets, or offering a lifetime experience that travelers will never forget? It’s the difference between a commodity and incredible value.
A $60 commission, or $600?



Auto-Life-Home Insurance are currently driven by lowest price. You can change all that with a PIN CODE.


Insurance Settlements/Contracts

Huge Corporations are willing to pay you cash for the right to wait for your insurance settlements. A PIN CODE will turn the table in your favor.



Looking for investors to listen to your great idea? You have 3-5 minutes ( often less ) to get them interested.


Non Profit/Charity Organizations

Do you know what motivates people to donate? Do you know what motivates Foundations and Corporations to donate?


Sales Teams

Does your sales team understand the adverse effect of selling to the wrong buyers?



An album or painting has literally no value to the audience without a lifetime, lifestyle, or emotional experience.



It’s easier to stick out in a small town than compete in the big cities.

Whether you are selling contracts, toys, fashion, electronics, or ideas — Remembering your PIN CODE is like having the most powerful sales team working for you 24 hours a day.