While the technologies have changed over the years, the process of getting buyers to buy has not changed. What started out as a system of selling real estate, today has become the PIN CODE to selling any product, service, real estate, business, or idea.

What is NoDiscount P-R-O-C-E-S-S?

It is like the PIN code to your BANK card. When you enter the correct PIN, the P-R-O-C-E-S-S unlocks your sales potential in scientific ways:

  • Each letter of the word PROCESS is a PIN code for a specific result;
  • Each letter of the word PROCESS is a PIN that activates a specific response from buyers;
  • Each letter of the word PROCESS is a PIN that makes it easy for buyers to say “yes”;   
  • Each letter of the word PROCESS is a PIN that detects key elements that could disrupt or damage the selling process; 
  • The entire PROCESS is a complete PIN code to protect you from the inconveniences, laziness, tiredness, and inadequacy of selling; and,   
  • A correct PIN will accomplish all of the above in a single run-through; and,
  • The PIN code makes it scientifically easy to remember.

Why A Scientific Process?

  • Buyers are busy people with many options;
  • The PROCESS shows respect for people’s time;
  • Prevents buyers from receiving slow or wrong information;
  • Protects buyers from receiving too much information;
  • Makes it easy for buyers to make decisions; and,
  • Makes it easy for sellers to validate in one minute that the most important actions are put in place.

How does NoDiscount P-R-O-C-E-S-S beat other selling systems?

Each letter of the word process stands for a specific activity that produces RESULT:

  • P is for PRICING
  • R is for RESPONSE
  • O is for Offers
  • C is for Conversion
  • E is for Exposure
  • S is for Safety
  • S is for Systematized