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An Idea Born Out Of Frustration with the S-L-O-W and COSTLY Real Estate Industry!

Forsalebyweb.com is headquartered in the International Plaza in Bloomington, MN with satellite offices to service our clients.  We have been operating as a traditional licensed real estate company in the state of Minnesota since 2005.  However, The Smartphone Real Estate Company® didn't launch until October 1, 2019.

HousingWire, who has been dubbed the most influential source of news and information for the U.S. mortgage and housing markets, stated, "Finding a home using a smartphone isn’t exactly a new experience. Real estate websites like Zillow have been offering mobile apps and experiences for years."

"But a newly launched website offers users something that Zillow and others like it can’t: cold, hard cash."



The following timeline details how we've evolved from a simple system to generate real estate offers in early 2000s into The Smartphone Real Estate Company®.  

December, 2003:   The Founder and Managing Broker of Forsalebyweb.com, Kosol Sek, was frustrated by the slow and high cost of selling real estate.  He invented a system of generating offers using the Acronym PROCESS: Pricing, response, offers, conversion, escalation, safety, systemize.   Title:  Listed home vs. selling PROCESS : which one is right for you?  Filed and Registered at United States Copyright Office under TXu001187679 / 2004-07-14.

Unfortunately, in the early days of the internet, the process ( and everything else ) was S-L-O-W and required significant time and training to execute and was available only to highly skilled real estate brokers and investors in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.     

2004:  Continued frustration by the traditional home selling process and confusing commission models, the PROCESS began to integrate technology to work for consumers.  

March, 2005:  The United States Government filed a lawsuit against the State of Kentucky Real Estate Commission for restricting  competition and causing consumers to pay higher prices for certain real estate services.   The lawsuit sent shockwaves across the real estate industry.  

"Restricting  brokers from competing through rebates and inducements is a per se violation of the antitrust laws that, as confirmed by the brokers themselves, inflicts higher prices on Kentucky consumers,"  said R.  Hewitt Pate, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Department's  Antitrust Division.  

"The federal antitrust laws protect consumers against restrictions on competition, even when they are adopted by  state-created entities like the Kentucky Real Estate Commission."



Less than four months later a settlement between the Federal Government and the State of Kentucky was reached.  


"Today's  settlement resolves the anticompetitive concerns raised by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission's broker regulations,"  said Thomas O. Barnett, Acting Assistant Attorney General in  charge of the Department's Antitrust Division. "Kentucky  consumers will now be able to avail themselves of the  benefits of increased competition through broker-offered rebates,  discounts and other inducements." 


Following that settlement, Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota and West Virginia legalized rebates to consumers.  Today most states permit commission rebates and cashback to consumers.

1999-2004:  Web-based and rebate real estate models such as 1Percent Realty, Blueedge.com, ZipRealty and Redfin flooded the market.  

December 2004-2005:  Zillow and Trulia founded. 


September, 2005:  U.S. Department ofJustice/FTC opened case against the real estate industry over lack of competition. 

2005-2007:  Discount brokerages shut down during market decline.  

March, 2007:  The PROCESS evolved to become a proprietary home selling process Forsalebyweb.com:  How to buy or sell your home in 1 minute registered at the United States Copyright Office under registration# TX0006546631 / 2007-03-07.

June, 2007:  The first IPHONE launched. 

September, 2007:  The PROCESS evolved to become Forsalebyweb.com:  The automatic way to get offers registered at the U.S. Copyright Office under registration TXu001593595 / 2007-09-19. 

November, 2008:  The United States DOJ and FTC reached a settlement with the real estate industry over lack of competition in the industry.

June, 2010:  Samsung Galaxy S launched.

2010-2012:  Short sales, foreclosures, and real estate market crashes across the United States. 

2014:  Zillow acquired Trulia.

2015-2018:  The rise of Ibuyer services for consumers who are frustrated with endless home showings to strangers.

June, 2018:  The Federal Trade Commission, an arm of the United States  Department of Justice, hosted a "What’s New in Residential Real Estate  Brokerage Competition – An FTC-DOJ Workshop" to discuss concerns from varying players in the industry about the Competitive impact of nontraditional real estate fee and service models.  


Of  interest to consumers should be the U.S. DOJ/FTC's support for the  Emergence and growth of non-traditional fee and service models. 

2019:  Forsalebyweb.com re-launched as The Smartphone Real Estate Company®  that lets you Turn Your Smartphone into A Real Estate Agent.         

With The Smartphone Real Estate Company® You'll Never Have To Meet Another Real Estate Agent Again.  Unless You Want To.  Because It's in Your Phone®. 

Forsalebyweb.com Head Office:  International Plaza, 7900 International Drive Suite 300, Bloomington,

Forsalebyweb.com Head Office:  International Plaza, 7900 International Drive Suite 300, Bloomington,

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