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FORSALEBYWEB.COM enables virtually everything to be performed by text, email, and internet.  Your agent will meet you only when showing or inspecting homes.  There's no APP to download.  Internet access is all you need.    

FASTER!   When you Smartphone your dream home, you are replacing the S-L-O-W, back-and-forth, time-consuming, and "on-call" aspects of having to talk to a real estate agent -- This changes everything!  It's in your phone®    

EASIER!  Unlike traditional ( S-L-O-W ) home buying where agents focus only on PRICING, the Forsalebyweb.com P-R-O-C-E-S-S is scientifically proven ( US Copyright Protected ) to compete on 7 key areas:








That's SEVEN TIMES more powerful than traditional real estate agents! 

GET CASH REFUND TOO!   We guarantee More Cashback Than Any Real Estate Company In America!  How Much Cashback?  You keep 100% of the real estate commissions that agents normally receive less your showing fees!

OUR GUARANTEE:   We're so sure that you will love the benefits of Smartphone home selling that we'll switch you to a traditional service agent at anytime, for any reason -- free of charge.  

Smartphone Home Buying Lets You Keep More Money!
Smartphone Home Buying Lets You Keep More Money!

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