Why is 12 Days the Magic Number?

It is scientifically proven and indisputable that 80-90% of serious buyers will look at new listings within 12 days -- The most serious will look within 12 hours!  

Unfortunately, home showings are the most time-consuming and costly aspect of finding or selling a home.  Many buyers eat up weeks or months of the agent's time only to cancel at the last minute.  How would you like to work weeks or months without pay? 

The truth is nobody enjoys showing endless homes.  Homeowners don't love having strangers tour their home; buyers don't enjoy paying for agents (through commissions) to do what they could do themselves and, to be honest, most agents don't enjoy the time-consuming process of driving buyers all over town.  Just one showing can take on average 90 minutes to complete:  30 minutes to drive - 30 minutes to see - 30 minutes to return.

Making and receiving offers are the second most time-consuming and costly aspect of real estate sales.  Writing up one offer could take 60-100 minutes.  Negotiation could take hours even days and end in a last minute cancellation.    

At Forsalebyweb.com, we understand the challenges facing the real estate industry and the consumers.  Now you can buy or sell your dream home in 12 days and receive Cashback.  How Much Cashback?  You keep 100% of the real estate commissions that agents normally receive less your showing fees! 

A bigger benefit is that buyers will have specifically asked to see a property, they weren’t just dragged there by an agent!

The following Golden Rules will help buyers and sellers to be more competitive in every market.    


1: Obtain a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender before starting your home shopping journey.  Be mindful of other people's time.  Real estate commissions are high because of unprepared buyers, sellers, and agents.  

2: Drive by properties before you request a showing. Make sure it is located in the perfect neighborhood for you! 

3: Request showings only after you have viewed photos and property details online—and think it may be right for you. 

4: Ask for virtual tours. Most home buyers know whether a home is perfect for them within the first 10 seconds of entering a home. You can save hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) by minimizing showings.  

5: Be mindful and realistic of your price range. Don’t spend time looking at properties listed for $400,000 when your budget is more appropriate in a $300,000 range. 

6: Narrow down your list of locations and desired features. Comparing homes across many 

neighborhoods can be time consuming.  

7: Empathize with the seller. Recognize that the seller is not your enemy. You are not competing against the seller. You are competing against the market. Make a serious offer with the needs and concerns of sellers in mind as well as your own. 

8: It is scientifically proven and indisputable that homes sold under 12 days are the most beautiful properties on the market.  Our NoDiscount P-R-O-C-E-S-S lets you submit scientific offers to avoid making "random" discounts that can offend sellers.  In today's market, there are many online services that will pay cash for houses at 7-10% discount. If a seller is willing to accept a large discount, they do not need to invite complete strangers to walk through their home to do it.

9: Be upfront and honest with sellers. Don’t be afraid to ask for desirable personal properties (e.g., furnishings, etc.) to be included. Need help with financing? Ask. 

10: Discuss with your agent about the Forsalebyweb.com P-R-O-C-E-S-S to ensure you are maximizing the negotiation leverage for your dream home. 


1: Be sure to price your property reasonably. Do Not Overprice. Buyers can compare housing values in seconds. Chances are they’ve looked at all the comparable homes on the market, they understand what value means. 

2: Entertain all offers whether they are written on paper, email, or napkin.  Don't get too technical before you find a serious buyer. 

3: Do not play games with buyers. Say what you mean, mean what you say.  

4: It is scientifically proven and indisputable that homes sold under 12 days receive the highest price.  Homes sold in 12 days or less generally realized at least 98.7% of listing price and some received full or over listing price.  Our NoDiscount P-R-O-C-E-S-S creates and maximizes demand in the first 12 days of a home listing. After 12 days, 80-90% of buyers will have moved on to other properties. It’s difficult/impossible to get them back!

5: Discuss with your agent about how to best convert prospects into real buyers. Understand the difference between a “tire-kicker” and a serious buyer with concerns or needs.

6: Empathize with the buyers.  A serious buyer is not your enemy.  You are competing with the market.  Do they need help with financing? They love your dining-table?

7: Be serious and be thoughtful about the terms of your offer. The buyer standing in front of you today could be the last buyer for a while.  

8: Respond to buyers’ questions and request for information right away. People buy when they are hungry, excited and anxious, don't make them wait! 

9: Be mindful of a buyer's safety and security concerns when over 12 days – people buy houses to feel safe. Disclose facts that assure peace of mind, convenience, safety and security, and confidence in buying your home.  What's wrong with the house?  Is it Overpriced?  Does it need a bunch of hidden repairs?  Are there structural/foundation issues?  Are there concerns with the neighbors and/or peace of mind?  Are there hidden or supernatural activities on the property?       

10: Discuss with your agent about the NoDiscount  P-R-O-C-E-S-S to ensure you are maximizing the demand for your house.

Golden Rules To Saving Time On Home showings.

Golden Rules To Saving Time On Home showings.

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